Medicare Advantage…What’s the Catch??

If it sounds too good to be true then it’s probably a scam, right? The media is full of advertisements about Medicare Advantage plans. Even celebrities are touting the EXTRA benefits you are NOT getting today. But what are you giving up? Or ARE you giving something up?? 

Part B Giveback, dental, vision, chiro, $0 monthly premium, low copays, in-home care…WOW!
They sound really enticing, but are they as good as they make them sound? Would you be a good candidate for a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Click the picture for an in depth comparison between a Medicare Supplement and the plans you see advertised on TV.  This is not a sales meeting. No plan information will be provided…just good honest education.

Teledoc in action!

Ever wondered how Teledoc works? Me too…I’m sick and don’t have time to go to the doctor, so I’m going to try it out. Follow along and see how easy it is! #teledoc #imsick #lumen #lumeninsurance #lumeninsurancesolutions #blueshield #blueshieldofca

Medicare Annual Election Period is on it’s way!

So much information is mailed to your home during this time that it becomes paralyzing! What should you do, what’s really important, what is junk mail and what should you believe? No worries…this quick video tells you in simple terms what to look for, how to evaluate your current plan and what to do if you want to switch or stay with your current prescription drug plan? It also quickly explains when to re-evaluate your Medicare supplement plan!

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